Friday, March 10, 2017

UNBOXING: Foodie Pages The Tasting Box

Gifts of food are always accepted here. Zubie was kind enough to gift me the Foodie Pages X Toronto Life Tasting Box during the holiday months. The Tasting Box is a monthly non-subscription box filled with 5-7 gourmet food items. This particular box was curated by the food editors of Toronto Life Magazine.

It's been quite a while since the holidays but I've finally gotten the chance to try everything in the box. 

Neal Brothers Foods Montreal Steak Spice Chips 
I haven't been eating beef since Jan 2016 BUT these Montreal Steak Spice Chips simply taste like steak spice, there's no actual steak in it. They're thick, crispy and kettle cut... just how I like them. The peppery nature of the Montreal Steak Spice isn't my favourite but I'm still going to eat it. 

All Mine Caramel Cayenne Popcorn
The first thing to go. Think Kernels Double Hit (extreme layers of caramel) with a shot of heat at the end from the cayenne. That's the All Mine Caramel Cayenne Popcorn. 

Ohh Producers Premium Spiced Apple Cocoa Mix
Like hot chocolate mixed with apple cider. It's yummy but requires a milky base (it doesn't have to be milk, if you're lactose free - it could be mixed with coconut or almond milk). 

Turmeric Teas Winter - Ginger Tea with Turmeric
A very warming tea. The ginger is quite strong, so not something I can enjoy 24/7 but nice in the mornings for a wake-me-up and also when I feel a cold or sore throat coming. 

The Spread Spicy Sesame Spread
It's not that spicy but it does taste a lot like sesame. I've been enjoying the Spicy Sesame Spread on crackers and on toast with eggs. I feel like it pairs well with richer/fatty flavours as the salt/spicy cuts the fat. 

Shoko Chocolates and Confections 
I'm no chocolate connoisseur but this milk chocolate bar was deliciously smooth. I had about 2 squares and Charles (the bf) stole the rest.  

Without a doubt this was an amazing gift and I think I'll be gifting Foodie Pages boxes in the future as well! My favourites from the box were the chocolate, the tea and the popcorn! 

Have you tried Foodie Pages?
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