Thursday, October 20, 2016

HALLOWEEN: Easy Purple Skull Makeup (Chrisspy Inspired)

A skull is one of those really easy Halloween makeup looks that doesn't require an entire costume. It also calls for very little skill (just a bit of blending) and 5 or 6 products that you definitely have in your makeup collection - a foundation, an eyeliner, a black shadow, any other colour of shadow, and a bone coloured shadow are all you'll need. 

Chrisspy's rendition of this easy skull makeup was done with a warm brown and a black. I chose to do my re-creation in purple, because what's life without a little bit of colour? 

I started with a blank canvas, using a foundation slightly too light for my complexion. 

Then, I started building a smokey eye with black on the lid and a purple in the crease. I went for a very elongated almond shape. Blending is key here. 

Next... the skull nose. I used a black cream eyeshadow. Get your hands on the Make Up For Ever Aqua Black - the stuff is holy grail. I set it with a black powder shadow to diminish any shine. 

Somewhere along the way, I skipped a few photos for the steps. I shaded around the top part of my nose up to my brow, around the black of the skull nose, into the cheekbones and around the temples and forehead  It's like contouring with black and purple! In all cases, I started with a black shadow and then blended around it with a purple to create a sunken in look. 

The last and final step was the mouth - some lines to extend outwards from the lips and a few short vertical lines across the lip line for teeth. 

Products Used: 

All in all, this has to be one of the simplest Halloween looks I've done thus far. It's probably what I'll actually be wearing on Halloween. 

Have you ever tried skull makeup? 

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