Thursday, October 13, 2016

An Introduction to MUJI Skincare

Minimal packaging. Quality ingredients. These are the cornerstones of the MUJI skincare range. While many brands pour all of their money into marketing, branding and packaging, MUJI says that they choose a more minimalist approach to packaging and branding, preferring to invest in the ingredients to let the product speak for itself. 

This month, I visited the MUJI office to explore their skincare range. No, I have not tested everything out in-depth but I received more than enough information (and product) to put together a post about my learnings. First impressions on the skincare range coming up shortly! 

MUJI has several skincare lines, each colour coated. Firstly, there's the MUJI Sensitive series (clear packaging) targeted towards those who are hyper-allergenic. The sensitive skincare series features the key ingredient of glacier water sourced from Kamaishi Iwate-ken Mountain in Japan. Each product is available in light, medium and high moisture levels to cater to different skin types (ex: light moisture for me because I'm extra oily). 

Products: MUJI Oil Cleansing for Sensitive Skin ($14.50 CAD, 200mL), MUJI Toning Water for Sensitive Skin ($10 CAD, 200mL), MUJI Moisturizing Milk for Sensitive Skin ($10 CAD, 200mL), MUJI Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin ($14.50 CAD, 50g)

Second is the MUJI Anti-Aging series (red packaging) for those that are approaching or past their 30s and have sun damage. The line again, features Kamaishi glacier water, as well as 10 essential oils to protect and rehydrate the skin. 

Third is the MUJI Organic series (green packaging). This line includes an all-in-one gel serum meant to replace moisturizer, serum and night cream and promotes brightness and hydration. This particular line also has hand creams and lip balms in rose, grapefruit, neroli and lavender scents. 

Products: MUJI Lavender Hand Cream ($9.50 CAD, 50g), MUJI Grapefruit Lip Balm ($5.50 CAD, 5.3g)

Fourth is the MUJI Balancing series. This one's soon to be available in Canada as of October 18th and focuses on combination/unbalanced skin types. 

Lastly is the MUJI Cleansing range (frosted white packaging), which includes a mild foaming cleanser (already tried this one - it foams up beautifully!).

Products: MUJI Face Wash Scrub Foam  ($6.50 CAD, 120g), MUJI Mild Face Wash Foam ($6.50 CAD, 120g)

All products are free of fragrance, mineral oil, and artificial colours. Additionally, there's a mini travel size for each full size product. MUJI also sells MUJI Pump and Spray Bottle Heads ($3.50 CAD) that fit perfectly onto all bottled products for extra hygiene and convenient use. Each head includes a ruler, which is for measuring the bottle and cutting the straw of the pump accordingly! 

Last few bits. MUJI has lots of tools and knick knacks that don't fit into a skincare series but are necessary and useful in ones skincare routine: 

  1. My go-to blotting sheets are Starbucks napkins and public washroom toilet seat covers. They work wonders in a pinch but hopefully I'll never have to resort to them again because MUJI Blotting Sheets ($1.50 CAD) absorb oil without moving my makeup around. 
  2. The MUJI Cleansing Sheets x 12 ($1.50 CAD) are incredibly inexpensive and the only product mentioned here that are ethanol/alcohol-based, hence they can't be used on the eyes. Sure, they remove makeup, but I prefer something that removes everything in one go. 
  3. DIY mask-ing has never been easier. Just soak the MUJI Compact Facial Mask Part Sheet ($2 CAD) or MUJI Face Lotion Sheet x 5 ($2 CAD) with toner or essence and you've got a homemade, customized face and/or eye mask. 
  4. My unruly hair always gets in the way of my skincare routine. With the MUJI Pile Hair Turban ($7.50 CAD), I need not worry about getting my hair stuck in my cleanser.
  5. MUJI Unbleached Cut Cotton - 180 pieces, 60x50mm ($3.50 CAD) is probably the product I am most excited to use. Several friends have told me that the MUJI cotton pads are the same as the Shisedo cotton pads but only a fraction of the price. CONFIRMED. They're amazing and soft as a baby's butt. 
Want to try MUJI skincare for yourself? All skincare products will be on sale at a discount of 20% from October 21st to 31st! 

Have you tried any MUJI skincare? 

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