Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Stick in Blush and Bronze

Are you #InstaReady? Because if you're not the Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Stick in Blush and Bronze ($15.79 USD) are products that meant to help you "express your #selfie" through "#FoolproofContouring". I received both products in the Generation Beauty Toronto swag bag and thought it would be fun to give them a whirl. 

Both the bronzer and blush are housed in a twist-up deodorant-esque stick. For some, it might not be the most hygienic way to apply your face products given the idea is to swipe something on your (potentially) dirty/oily face and then reapply that same stick (with potential dirt/oil on it) to your face again the next day. This defeats the purpose of the whole "beauty product in a stick" idea but if your face is clean before applying makeup then it shouldn't really matter. 

Swatched - Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Stick in Bronze and Blush

Both the Bronzer and Blush contain three shades - Highlight, Sculpt and Contour. The highlight to add radiance, the sculpt to add colour/warmth, and the contour to add definition. The Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Sticks are only available in the colours bronze and blush, which I'm guessing are both supposed to be "universal". On my light/medium skintone, it works but I feel like these products would not show up on someone that is more on the medium to dark side of the spectrum. 

The product itself applies like butter, gliding on without skipping or pulling. To apply, I only need one swipe of product and then a little blending with my fingertips or a beauty blender. On the skin, there's no shimmer or glitter in the product and it looks very natural - not heavy or greasy and not too bright or stark. The creaminess is foolproof. It can be built up but not to the point that it looks harsh. 

Physicians Formula says that the product contains "InstaFilter Technology", spherical beads that mattify and balance pores by absorbing oil while also optimizing light reflection to blurr imperfections and make the skin's texture appear smooth. Indeed, the Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Sticks make my skin look good. But I'd classify the sides of my face as a "normal" skin type, with generally unnoticeable pores so I can't say much about the mattifying properties. 

Because everyone's face is a different shape/size, I find the format of the product to be impractical. It's not a "one size fits all" kind of deal. For my face shape/size, I wish the centre "sculpt" shade was larger as that's typically how I apply my bronzer/blush. Also, the highlight needs to be placed a little higher. The bronzer's highlight shade is also where I would normally apply blush, which is a little strange. This is where I find fault in the product. 

Wearing the Physicians Formula Super BB #Insta Ready Contour Trio Stick Bronzer

Wearing both the Physicians Formula Super BB #Insta Ready Contour Trio Stick Blush and Bronzer

Overall, good product formulation but a better in theory format for application. 

Personally, I think the #InstaReady thing is a little gimmicky. When I think "Ready for Instagram", I think HEAVY makeup. A strip of highlight. A carved contour. The Phyisicans Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio Stick Blush and Bronzer are so darn natural and more suitable for everyday than for Instagram. 

What do you think of stick bronzer/blush? Would it work for you? 

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