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Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Waterproof Eye Pencils // #AquaXLColorFestival

When Make Up For Ever sends you all 20 of the new Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencils ($25 each), you draw rainbows on your face. 

The MUFE Aqua XL Eye Pencils are made in collaboration with Charli XCX, a play on her creative spirit and bold, energetic look. The pencils are meant to be long-wearing, waterproof, non-creasing, non-smudging and ultra-creamy with the intense colour that you'd usually expect from Make Up For Ever products. 

In a nutshell, the Aqua XL Eye Pencils are meant to be the ultimate eyeliner. 

Getting straight to the point - the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencils are the ultimate eyeliner. Creamy, smooth, rich, pigmented, opaque, longwearing, waterproof... there's nothing more I could ask for. On my upper lashline, the pencils last all day. I can wear the pastels in my waterline for 7+ hours with minimal fading. Same for the black, which doesn't smudge at all. You might even call it holy grail.  

They set very quickly (in ~10 seconds), which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences. If you're trying to blend out the eyeliner, you might have some issues with smudging if you're not quick about it. Otherwise, the liner becomes waterproof, smudge-proof and budge-proof... and true to MUFE's claims, it won't come off until you remove it. 

Speaking of removal, you'll need something a little more heavy duty than Bioderma... for instance, the Make Up For Ever Sens'eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser or some sort of oil-based remover.

There are a total of 20 shades in the Aqua XL Eye Pencil range. There are mostly neutrals and cool tones with a pop of yellow. I feel like the collection is incomplete without some sort of reds or oranges. Unless you're looking for an orange or red liner, there seems to be something for everyone - 10 eyeliners I would consider "neutral"/wearable and 10 vibrant pops of colour. 

Similar to the Artist Shadows there are 5 finishes - matte (10), metallic (1), satin (2), diamond (2) and iridescent (5). Most are matte, which is likely the most popular finish. My favourite is the metallic finish. I wish there were more metallic liners in this collection because they're oh so glam. 

The shades (in the order as pictured above)
  • M-10 (matte black)
  • D-12 (diamond black)
  • M-13 (matte charcoal grey)
  • S-50 (satin taupe)
  • M-60 (matte dark brown) 
  • D-62 (diamond brown)
  • ME-42 (metallic bronze)
  • I-36 (iridescent khaki) 
  • I-34 (iridescent pop green)
  • I-32 (iridescent lagoon green)
  • M-40 (matte pastel yellow) 
  • M-30 (matte pastel green), similar to the Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Turquoise but longer lasting
  • M-26 (matte pastel blue)
  • I-24 (iridescent blue with green sparkles)
  • M-22 (matte majorelle blue) 
  • S-20 (satin navy blue)
  • M-80 (matte plum), the same colour as the Make Up For Ever Artist Liner in M-80 but I prefer the XL formulation
  • I-90 (iridescent pop purple)
  • M-92 (matte pastel purple)
  • M-16 (matte white)

If I had to pick a top five, they'd have to be... 
  • M-92 (matte pastel purple) and M-40 (matte pastel yellow), both unique pastels that I'm happy to add to my collection.
  • ME-42 (metallic bronze), because I'm a sucker for metallic, shimmery liners.
  • S-20 (satin navy blue), wearable yet a nice change from the classic black.
  • M-10 (matte black), the classic matte black and one of the few that I can wear in my waterline. Compared to the recently reviewed Blinc Waterproof Eyeliner, the MUFE Aqua XL's are creamier and glide on more easily. 

The Gradient Eyeliner Look || On the upper lash line: M-40 (matte pastel yellow), M-30 (matte pastel green), M-26 (matte pastel blue), I-90 (iridescent pop purple); In the lower waterline: M-92 (matte pastel purple); In the tight line: M-10 (matte black)

Overall, I'm crazy about these eyeliners. I know there are tons of pencil eyeliner options on the market, but if you're looking for something that's multi-purpose (for the waterline, tight line, upper lash line and as a shadow or shadow base) and a sure thing, one (or five) of the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL will do you good. 

Do you have a holy grail pencil eyeliner? 

Press samples featured. 
Note: I was watching a Make Up Geek video and apparently the MUFE Aqua XL Eye Pencils are made in the same factory as the Make Up Geek ones. I haven't tried them out myself but perhaps if you're looking for something similar to the Aqua XL's and at a lower price point, that's something to think about. 

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