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MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Liquid and Stick Foundations in Y245/120 Soft Sand #UltraHDGeneration

MAKE UP FOR EVER just launched two new HD foundations – the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation ($50) and the Ultra HD Stick Foundation ($50).

I never tried the now discontinued MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation (*slaps self on wrist*, shameful, right?) because I know for a fact that the Matt Velvet Plus formula is better suited to my very oily t-zone. But when someone hands you the latest and greatest in foundation innovations, you try them! Right?

MAKE UP FOR EVER says that the new Ultra HD Foundation is completely undetectable (no-makeup-makeup) to 4K HD photo/video technologies and even the naked eye. At a MAKE UP FOR EVER event last month, I had the pleasure of watching an MUA do makeup under an HD camera and the model’s makeup did truly look undetectable. The technology in the foundation is known as a 4K Complex, which uses (1) Amino Acid Coated Pigments to blur flaws, and provide invisible coverage (2) Hyaluronic Spheres for comfortable, hydrating wear (3) Sericite, a finely grained mica that refracts light to create a luminous effect to copy the vibrancy of natural skin.

The MUFE Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is available in a fabulously large and expanded shade range of 40, split into “Y” for yellow undertones and “R” for pink/red undertones. On the Sephora website, there’s coding for the old HD foundation, so that you can find your new shade. For example, I’m Y245 Soft Sand, which was previously known as 120. The MUFE Ultra HD Stick Foundation is available in a smaller range of 15, again split by “Y”s and “R”s and also coded so that you can find your new shade based on your old shade. Again, I’m 120 (HD) = Y245 Soft Sand (Ultra HD) in the MUFE Ultra HD Stick Foundation.

What’s the difference between the MUFE Ultra HD Liquid Foundation and the Ultra HD Stick Foundation? Coverage - the liquid is meant to provide a natural finish while the stick provides a medium to full coverage for touching up and contouring. Can you tell which one is which based on the coverage they’re meant to provide? I can’t. Top is the liquid, bottom is the stick. They both look exactly the same in photos – flawless yet natural looking coverage. In person, the Liquid definitely provides a more natural coverage than the slightly heavier coverage Stick. 

The shade Y245 Soft Sand is a tad too light for my current complexion but I only have my summer tan for 3/12 months of the year, which means the rest of the year Y245 Soft Sand should be just right.  

To apply the Ultra HD Liquid: I dispense a single pump on to the pack of my hand, dot it all over my face and blend with a damp sponge or the RT Expert Face Brush.  

To apply the Ultra HD Stick: I run the stick directly onto my face and then blend with a damp sponge or the RT Expert Face Brush.  

As for how they feel on the face, both are comfortable and fairly lightweight, with the Ultra HD Stick feeling a tad heavier. Lasting power is the same for both – 6-7 hours on all of the areas of my face with the exception of my very finicky nose. For both foundations, the oil produced on my nose breaks up the foundation within 2-3 hours if I don’t set it with a good powder. The lasting power of this foundation isn’t great given that my days are typically 12-14 hours long, often without touchups.

MUFE Ultra HD Stick Foundation vs. Ultra HD Liquid Foundation? I hate to pit the two against each other but I do prefer each for different occasions. The Ultra HD Stick Foundation is great for on the go. All it takes is a few swipes and a little blending. It’s compact and non-liquid (perfect for the airplane). For non-rushed everyday situations, I prefer the Ultra HD Liquid. It takes a bit more blending but gives a more natural finish (in person) and feels more lightweight on the skin.

Overall, I’m on the fence about both the Ultra HD Foundations. It’s a beautiful formula with a very natural yet flawless appearance in tons of shades. However, only the first few hours of wear are perfect for me. As soon as my nose starts getting oily, the foundation separates unless I powder every couple hours. Perhaps it’s better suited towards those with more normal/dry skin types but the overall HD look is quite possibly worth the constant touch ups.

Have you tried the Ultra HD Foundation (or the original HD Foundation)? 

Press samples featured. The Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is available as of July 2015 and the Ultra HD Stick Foundation will be available as of September 2015 at Sephora, and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques. 

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