Thursday, September 25, 2014

Revisiting the Annabelle Twist-Up Lipsticks in Naked, Bubble, Divine & Cherry

I typically purchase products in singles, but somehow a whole range of colours of that same product has a way of making it onto my face in someway or another (gifts, press samples, goodie bags, more purchases). One of those products is the Annabelle Twist-Up Lipsticks (others include the Rimmel Apocalips and Kohl Kajals, Broadway Nails, and Revlon Shadowlinks. Once upon a time I had made my very first Annabelle purchase and in that order came the Annabelle Twist-Up Lipstick in Bubble ($9.95) - see my original review here. The other three (Naked, Divine, and Cherry) are press samples! 

So, I'm revisiting my thoughts on the product, now in terms of consistency across different shades! From the photo below, you can probably tell which one I've had the longest :) 

Annabelle Twist-Up Lipsticks in Naked, Bubble, Divine, Cherry

Put simply, these are lipsticks in twist-up crayon form. They're in no way a gloss/balm form like offerings from Revlon, Rimmel, or Clinique but a straight up lipstick with the convenience of a retractable pencil packaging. 

Yep, the formula is consistent across all the shades. Each offers high pigmentation and full coverage is achieved with about two layers of product. The lipsticks are smooth but not to the point of smushing and all four shades offer a sparkle-free finish with a slight sheen of moisture. Lasting power is ~4 hours for all but Cherry which sticks around for 5 or 6. Here's the lowdown on the colours. 

< Naked > A light pink nude. This one's definitely too light to wear on it's own but it makes the perfect mixing medium for lightening up other lipsticks or adding highlight to the centre of the lips. I mixed Naked with Cherry in a make up look here 

< Bubble > A medium bubble gum pink. It's a bit pale for my currently still-tanned summer-fall transition skin tone but it's so bright that it adds a bit of something-something to the face on dull days. 

< Divine > The most natural of the four shades here, the Annabelle Twist Up Lipstick in Divine is a "my lips but better". The perfect everyday shade. 

< Cherry > This is the attention-grabbing berry-red of the bunch. It's bold but elegant, great for nights out or everyday (if you're feeling daring). 

Aaaaand the verdict? I'm still a fan of this product. There's TONS of shades in the Annabelle Twist-Up Lipstick range and I'm glad that I have a pretty good few to choose from. 

Have you tried the Annabelle Twist Ups? 

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