Friday, September 26, 2014


I got this wildly #YOLO idea to dye my hair purple in the most understated way possible - a business in the front, party in the back kind of hair dye job inspired by a post on the Beauty DepartmentI picked up one the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe Deep Velvet Violet ($11.99) permanent hair dye on a trip to Target, holla'd at my friend Rui to be #yolo with me and got to dyeing (as opposed to dying).   The dye box came filled with everything we needed to dye our hair - gloves, the dye, post-dye conditioner, and instructions. 

The process was pretty straight forward. Section your hair into a triangle formation on the back of your head and apply the dye as per the instructions. We used one bottle of dye for two people (we figured this would be sufficient, as we weren't dying ALL of our hair). To help the dye develop, we wrapped our hair in aluminum foil and even left the dye in for 15 minutes more than the 30 that was suggested.

The result? Almost undetectable. :( Not sure what we did wrong but the colour turned out wayyy more subtle than the box had suggested. 

Rui's results were a bit more obvious than mine since her already dyed hair was lighter. For myself, I now have one huge section of super shiny hair that reflects a hint of purple in direct sunlight. 

While the result of my attempt to be daring with my hair didn't turn out so great, the experience was both fun and funny. Perhaps next time I should just go all out and bleach my stubborn, black hair first before adding colour. 

What's the craziest colour you've died your hair? Do you have any tips for hair colouring? 

Special thanks to some special people (1) Rui for cooking French toast with me and then helping me dye my hair - all after pulling an all nighter! (2) My favourite triple threat fashion designer/photographer/boyfriend Charles Cheung for visiting me and taking photos

I got a *get one free* coupon to buy the Vidal Sassoon Velvet Violet hair dye through the #BeautyUnited Program 

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