Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#makeupby1D // Take Me Home Collection

You know a brand is a big deal when... they're a group of 5 young males that release a collection of beauty products that they'll probably never use. The boys clearly had no hand in creating this line. I like One Direction, but not to the point where I dream of being Harry Styles's wife. Anyways, the Make Up by One Direction line includes three collections with six products in each - Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories ($28.50 each). 

Let's take a peek at what's inside... 

4+1 Eyeshadow Palette // COLOURS: Back For You (matte cream), Change My Mind (peach shimmer), C'mon C'mon (matte taupe), Little Things (matte brown), Take Me Home (golden glitter cream eyeshadow) - The eyeshadow palette contains basic neutral shadows with the exception of the peachy-pink shimmer. The shadows themselves are not particularly buttery or hard, they're quite sheer but not chalky, and wear away when worn without a primer. The gold cream shadow has a chunky glittery overlay and underneath is an awkward gold cream that separates as you apply it on the lids. 

"Little Black Dress" // volumizing black mascara  - not the best mascara per se but it provides natural looking volume. It's a drier mascara (which I like), adds a little volume and can hold a curl without smudging after 3 hours. 

"I Wish" - warm chocolate brown eye and body crayon - The warm brown tone of the crayon works well as an eyeshadow AND contour for the cheekbones and nose. It creases a bit on the eyes after a few hours and needs to be set with a powder on the face, but this is by far the most versatile (and perhaps "boring) item in the kit. 

"Kiss You"  // liquilights glow gloss in orange glitter that glows neon yellow under UV light - In theory, this product sounds awesome - orange. glow in the dark. lip gloss. But not a lot of people have the opportunity to hang around in UV light. In natural light, this orange lip gloss is nothing but chunky, uncomfortable glitter on the lips. 

"Last First Kiss" // pink sheer lipstick - It's unfortunate that this lipstick broke as soon as I twisted it for the first time. The colour is very pretty swatched but doesn't show up over my natural lip colour. 

"Live While We're Young" // multi-dimensional gold glitter nail varnish - gold glitters submerged in clear polish. This must be used as a top coat and I used two coats in the photo above. It's pretty, however this polish isn't particularly unique (I'm sure I have it somewhere else in my collection).

BONUS // 5 piece stencil set - a little odd but fun to play around with!

The icing on the cake, everything comes housed in a One Direction themed tin. Inside is instructions and info on how to use the products inside.

Overall, a majority of the items in the One Direction Take Me Home Collection were a miss for me in terms of quality (with the exception of the eyeshadow crayon, nail polish, and stencils). That being said, this kit would be great for a younger girl who is just starting out with makeup and is obsessed with 1D. If you're a One Direction fan but already own a ton of makeup (like myself), I'd suggest picking up a Harry Styles blow-up doll instead. 

You can find Make Up by One Direction at Macy's, Stage Stores, Dillards, Lord & Taylor, and Beauty Brands in the USA as of August. The international release date is TBD. Find out more at

What do you think of One Direction branded makeup? 

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