Friday, September 5, 2014

CoverGirl + Olay FaceLift Effect Firming Makeup and the De-Puffer Concealer in 340 Light/Medium

Not that I'll actually need a facelift anytime time soon (I'm only 20, gosh darn it!) but it's always interesting to try makeup products that claim to do so. The CoverGirl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Makeup (foundation) ($16.99-18.99) claims to provide "luxurious, flawless coverage combined with the powerful hydrating effects of a night cream". Alongside the foundation, I've been testing out a product that's a little more age appropriate, the CoverGirl + Olay The De-Puffer

The packaging? For the foundation - a glass-tic (looks like actually plastic) pot that I highly dislike, as it leaves me with one of two options: (1) get foundation all up in your nails (2) purchase a foundation spoon. The concealer is housed in a hygienic tube with a cooling tip applicator (I'm going to dare to compare the tip to the likes of the Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen...). 

The CoverGirl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Makeup comes in 4 shades (fair, light, light/medium, medium) and the Covergirl + Olay the De-Puffer Concealer is available in 6 (fair, fair/light, light, light/medium/medium, medium/deep). 

< CoverGirl + Olay Facelift Effect Firming Makeup // Light/Medium >
The Facelift Effect Firming Makeup provides a natural, glowy finish. The product contains "skin brighteners", light-reflecting pearls that create a warming effect and luminosity to the skin. I can definitely see the brightening effect come through. Lasting power is average at 5 hours of wear-time, though it wears away nicely (no weird patches). The colour match is a little light but nothing that can't be fixed with a little bronzer. As for the skincare and "facelift" benefits, this product is too hydrating for my skin. I don't typically break out from face products but after two days of wear, I broke out on my cheeks.

< CoverGirl + Olay the De-Puffer Concealer // 340 Light/Medium >
I'm already in love with this concealer because of the applicator. It reminds me of one of those rollerball metal eye cream applicators that help to de-puff your eyes. This is part of the Power of 3 that CoverGirl/Olay claims in terms of this product. The other two aspects are a serum containing cucumber extract to soothe the undereyes and a slightly warmer shade (compared to a foundation) to counteract dark circles. I can't confirm the former but I agree with the latter (see swatches below!). The concealer is very thin and light coverage and dries down to a semi-matte finish. Staying power is comparable to that of the Firming Makeup at 5 hours. Due to lack of coverage that this product provides, I would only suggest this product for the eyes, as that's the area that it targets. 

Left to Right: CoverGirl + Olay FaceLift Firming Makeup; the De-Puffer Concealer in 340 Light/Medium 

Overall, I love the effect that both these products provide. It's such a shame that the firming makeup broke me out but I'll continue to use the CoverGirl + Olay the De-Puffer for the awesome cooling metal tip! 

Do you use products that aren't targeted to your age group? 
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