Thursday, September 11, 2014

AWKS TALKS: GIVEAWAY + o.b. tampons #giveusoneperiod

I'm 100% a tampon girl (because pads make me feel like I'm wearing an adult diaper). For 5 days last month, I tried out something new and exciting... o.b. tampons! o.b. stands for ohne binde in German, which means "without napkins." The brand was invented 50 years ago by German gynecologist Dr. Judith Esser. 

So what's the difference between o.b. and all the other tampons out there? They're applicator free. Gross, bulky packaging begone! o.b. tampons fit inconspicuously into the palm of my hand and it's not awkward when I need to pull one out of my bag because it's TINY [or "fun size" if you prefer the use of that term ;)]
At first, I was a little intimidated by the whole "no applicator" thing. Sticking a piece of cotton up your va-jay-jay (or hoo-hah, if you prefer) with solely your finger does not sound like the most appealing or satisfying experience. Good thing o.b. has a solution: when you take the tampon out of the plastic packaging, you pull the little string to enlarge the base of the tampon, creating a little indentation for you to protect your finger from all your womanly liquids. Every time I've used o.b., it wasn't a particularly messy experience.

In terms of absorbency, I've been using the "regular" size which the packaging specifies as holding 6-9 grams for a maximum of 8 hours. The claims are pretty accurate for my "regular" days and I'd probably wear the tampon for 6 hours on a day that's heavier. Furthermore, with these tampons, I've found that no pantyliner is necessary unless you know that you'll be going over the absorbency that the tampon can handle. 

Overall, I think I might just switch to o.b.. I really appreciate the fact that there's less packaging and bulk. In turn, that means less waste and less environmental footprint compared to a tampon with an applicator. Other than that, o.b. tampons work similarly to your average tampon. 

Want to try O.B? :) I'm giving away 20 packs of o.b. tampons...which means 20 winners! Enter below. This giveaway is open to Canadian addresses only! 

ALSO, you can get a coupon for an 18 count box of o.b. tampons for FREE (valued at 4.99) at :) Follow the conversation using the hashtag #giveusoneperiod 

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Are you a pads or a tampon gal? Have you tried o.b.? 

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