Saturday, April 5, 2014

FOOD: Momofuku Noodle Bar + Milk Bar - Toronto

Made famous by now celebrity chef David Chang, the string of Momofuku restaurants in Toronto, Sydney, and New York have caught my eye. Oddly enough, the restaurant had a poor rating on sites like Urbanspoon and Yelp, both of which I typically trust. I guess I was surprised because I had expected it to be underwhelmingly average but what I ate impressed me. 

[momofuku ramen (kunan farm, on) – pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, egg~$14

It's called momofuku noodle bar for a reason, right? Trying the ramen was a no-brainer for me. I'm the biggest sucker when it comes to anything with an egg on top, so that pretty much made it for me. Add fish cake, kimchi, and a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) and it's pretty much my dream meal - all the things I love in one bowl. Keep in mind that I'm no ramen connoisseur. Perhaps it's because I've only had non-cup ramen on only one other occasion that I thought this was delightful, but it was yummy in my tummy. 

[lamb fried rice]  ~$15

Not sure where this dish is at on the online menu but this was the boyfriend's choice. I myself would never, ever go for fried rice at any restaurant (mainly because I can eat good fried rice in the comfort of my own home). But according to the boyfriend this had lamb which makes it special. He was right. The fried rice was special. The rice was slightly glutinous and crispy, and there must have been some fried garlic in the mix which made it that much more tasty. That being said, there was not a bit of lamb flavour in sight. 

Let's talk decor. Momofuku consists of three floors. The noodle bar is located on the ground floor. There's an open concept kitchen and the seating is a couple cafeteria-style wooden tables that are very reminiscent of London-based restaurateur Alan Yau's Wagamama. 

[My boyfriend occasionally likes to make appearances on the blog and says hello]

After a filling brunch, we figured, why not stuff ourselves with more food... so we walked upstairs to the Momofuku Milk Bar and picked up three cookies. In general, the cookies were overwhelmingly sweet and not really to my liking. The only one that stood out and that I would repurchase was the compost cookie, which features coffee, rolled oats, potato chips, pretzels, and butterscotch chips. 

[blueberry & cream cookie]  ~$2

[compost cookie]  ~$2

[corn cookie]  ~$2

So the meal was good, the cookies were so-so. Urbanspoon/Yelp's evaluation of Momofuku was not the same as my own thoughts on the restaurant. Regretfully, I didn't get to try the popular char siu burger buns or the fried chicken but I know I'll be back to try something new sometime in the near future.  

Momofuku Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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