Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FOOD: Alla Spina Philly

I have a slight obsession with Sunday brunch. Something about stuffing yourself silly at a time that is too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. To recap, I went to Philadelphia with my boyfriend more than a month ago. Our very first day in Philly, I made an executive decision to go for brunch (because I love brunch). 

I found out about Alla Spina through a "best brunches in Philadelphia" article on a touristy website. The reviews were 4/5 ish on various review websites. Alla Spina is part of the Vetri Family of restaurants including - Amis, Osteria, and Vetri. I was curious as to how an "Italian-inspired" brunch might taste. 

In terms of location, Alla Spina Philly is about a 20 minute walk north of city centre and a 20 minute walk east of the Art Museum of Philadelphia. I don't mind walking but it was a hot day and I was kinda sweating buckets from the walk. 

I guess I'll hop right into it. Here's what we ate. 

  • testina hash poutine 
  • pig head, french fries, mozzarella curd and sunny side up eggs $14

Food coma on a plate. This was the most recommended dish for Sunday brunch and the perfect example of why you should read reviews. The fries, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside; the fried egg, cooked to perfection; and the pigs head, stunning. It sucked that there was hardly any pigs head in the dish, but whatever was there was great. This is not for the light can be overly rich to some. 

  • Unnamed dish 
  • poached egg, veal, and chive biscuits $14
Clearly, this dish was not good enough to keep it on the menu (or it's not seasonal), but I can't remember the name. This was equally as rich as the poutine, but there was something missing... maybe a little spice or something. The biscuits were buttery with a hint of chive and the egg was poached so that the yolk spilled out into the veal sauce. Overall, this dish was alright, but nothing compared to the greatness of the poutine.

The ambience of the restaurant was nothing special, but it had a patio. The restaurant was situated next to a quaint road, across the street from a church. At 10am, we were the only party in the restaurant. It didn't get much busier at 12pm, as we left. 

The service was great. However, I found that everyone (for the most part) in Philly was extremely friendly. The server brought us the drink menu, assuming we were "of age". It sucks that the drinking age is 21 in the USA. I would have liked to have a nice brunch time cocktail to wash down the food.

Overall, the poutine really overshadowed the biscuits. I liked this meal. Not my favourite brunch, but I'd definitely stop by again for that pig heads poutine. 

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