Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Madison Street Beauty 37 Eyeshadow Grab Bag + Swatches

I might have a slight obsession with Etsy. Scrolling around Twitter, I saw something that said 60% OFF SALE and clicked through to Madison Street Beauty's Etsy Shop. Madison Street Beauty is run by Bridget and her husband Rhys in Las Vegas, Nevada. They sell all-natural, handmade beauty products ranging from lip balms to eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, nail polish and more. 

Their products claim to be: 

*Handmade *All-Natural *Chemical-Free *Never Expires *Never Tested on Animals *Hypoallergenic *Fragrance-Free *Oil & Talc Free *Non-Comedogenic *Safe for Sensitive Skin 

All of which are absolute pluses. 

The "product" that intrigued me most was something called a GRAB BAG. The Grab Bags are pretty much clearance of shadows in their old packaging (without a sifter). The Grab Bag I was looking at contained 37 eyeshadows with 1g of product in each jar. There are no duplicates (unless you purchase 2 grab bags) and you cannot request certain colours... it's all random. 

Keep in mind that... 

Regular Price for 1g Eyeshadows ... $4.99 x 37 = $184.63
Grab Bag Price ... $18.50 USD

HOLY WOW THAT IS A GREAT DEAL and so I picked one up along with a matte foundation (also on sale) 

Shipping was about $10, but I got refunded a dollar and some change after the shipping amount was calculated. The 37 eyeshadows + matte foundation ($4.99) + shipping came to about $35, which is not half bad. It took about 10 days to ship internationally, though their policies state that it could take anywhere from 10 to 20 days. 

As soon as I picked the package out of my mailbox, I immediately ripped the bag open and got extremely swatch happy. The shadows were individually plastic wrapped and two out of the 37 had a sifter (their new packaging). 

On top of the 37 eyeshadows, I received their Madison Street Beauty Eyeshadow Primer, which reminds me a lot of the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk depotted with less pigmentation and a little less sticky. 

For organization's sake, I divided the colours up into 7 groups of 5 eyeshadows and one group of two - Neutrals, Warm Metallics, Purples, Pinks, Greens, Darks, Hodge Podge (Random), and True Blues

Before you look at the swatches...Note... 
  • Photos are taken on an overcast day with the window opened and with flash
  • I swatched all colours (with the exception of the blues) on top of NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk 
  • Each swatch is 2-3 swipes of product
  • Some jars are filled to the brim while others contain less product because the weight of certain ingredients in particular shadows are heavier than others. 
  • Shimmers are denoted with (S), Mattes (M) and Personal Favourites are denoted with (❤)

Neutrals: golden peach (S)(❤) || bronze sand  (S) || antique rose (S) || honey brown (M)(❤)|| bonbon (M)

Warm Metallics: desert sands (S) || moroccan bronze (S)(❤) || california sun (S)(❤) || pumpkin (S) || mossy mauve (S)

Purples: fuchsia (S) || wisteria (S) || iris (M)(❤) || amethyst (S)(❤) || plum (S) 

Pinks: carnation (S)(❤)|| passion pink (S) || cherry blossom (S)(❤)|| pink tulip (S) || ocean coral (S)

Greens: spring green (S)(❤)|| enchanted forest (S)(❤)|| emerald (S)(❤)|| jungle (M) || golden olive (S)(❤)

Darks: fern (M) || smoky sapphire (S(❤)) || indigo night  (S) || navy (M)(❤)|| midnight (M)

Hodge Podge: cotton (S)(❤)|| mint (S) || mustard (M) || seafoam (S)(❤)|| tiffany blue (S)(❤)

True Blues: electric periwinkle (M)(❤)|| azure (S)(❤)

Overall, powder eyeshadows are messy, but these colours are totally worth it. There's a very good variety of colours given I wasn't able to choose any myself. I'm beyond impressed by the soft formula and easily blendable (with the exception of a few slightly gritty ones) and for the most part, the colours are unique to my collection. Out of 37, only 8 are matte. I know I won't have an everyday practical use for all of them (ex: pink tulip, mustard), but I know I'll have a lot of fun playing around with these. 

Now that I think of it...I probably have enough eyeshadow for the rest of my life just from this one purchase... 

EDIT: unfortunately, MSB doesn't always have grab bags available, you have to watch out for sales!

What do you think of the "Grab Bag" concept? Have you tried Madison Street Beauty? 

** I purchased all products in this post with my own money**

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