Sunday, July 21, 2013

Introducing...The Lightbox Beauty Club

The Lightbox Beauty Club differentiates its other subscription services as they provide $50 of drugstore products for only $20. All products are full-sized and shipping is free (BONUS!)

I'm not currently subscribed to any beauty boxes but to some extent each one seems unique and to some extent, I'm curious about every single one. So... I had a LOT of questions about this box. I'd like to consider myself a smart consumer, so I did a little research and then for anything I wanted to know but couldn't find, I emailed the company directly at


Brands include... 
  • Ioni
  • LA Colour
  • LA Girl
  • LA Splash
  • L'Oreal
  • Rimmel London
  • CoverGirl
Per my email correspondence, the Lightbox Beauty Club "prefers to work with brands directly and has done several on-site tours with brands to ensure quality and guarantee availability". Furthermore, more brands will be added in August and October as more brand partnerships are established. 

How are boxes curated? 
Subscribers create a wishlist from a range of an index/shop of products found on the Lightbox Beauty Club website. So say you choose 20 items... you definitely won't be getting 20 items, but it is guaranteed that you receive 3 to 7 items from your wishlist, collectively valued at $50 to $60. 

I guess the real question for me to ask myself... 

Why should I pay for a subscription when I can go to a drugstore and get whatever products I want? The fact is, drugstore products are expensive. Unless there's a sale,  I could walk into any store that sells drugstore brands and find a variety of price points ranging from $4 to $25. Since prices in Canada are always inflated, I can typically purchase only 2 or 3 items for $25, so buying cosmetics from my local drugstore is probably more expensive than this box. 

This box is for the makeup lover who...
  • enjoys drugstore products
  • enjoys any of the brands offered
  • likes full size products
  • dislikes surprises
  • is too lazy to walk to the local drugstore 
  • prefers online shopping

Note that I haven't actually tried this box, but in essence, the Lightbox Beauty Club sounds like a great idea... kind of like going to the drugstore but mailed right to your doorstep and without the unwanted surprise that comes with many subscription boxes. 

Would you subscribe to the Lightbox Beauty Club? 

**This is not a sponsored post**

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