Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eating Lately #1

Being in Waterloo (at school) really changes my eating habits. I'm no longer spoiled by the roast beef, steak, spinach shake, and chinese food pleasures of my parents' home. I'm pushed into the wild to fend for myself. Here's a few photos from the last few months I've been at school: 

I snapped a couple food shots at a cottage retreat at Blue Mountain for the Victoria Day Weekend...

Breakfast: bacon, avacado, whole wheat bread, eggs

strawberry spinach salad

During May and June, I had a lot of free time on weekends to go to the Kitchener Farmer's Market...but now that mid-terms have arrived and are still ongoing, I'm content with buying groceries at Zehrs. 

Dinner: epi bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, butter chicken sausage, asparagus

Dinner: white rice, chipotle sausage, sauteed mushrooms

And more recently... I've become a pescatarian (fish and eggs only) ... with the exception of hot dogs and social gatherings. I've also been on a quinoa kick, making a huge salad and then eating it througout the week. 

 Dinner: black bean/mango/red pepper quiona salad, fried egg, cabbage and hot dog, cherry tomatoes

Other than that, I went to McDonalds twice in the past two weeks for chicken nuggets. It's been forever and I just wanted a Despicable Me 2 toy from the Happy Meal. I also tried the Works.. and found that having peanut butter in a burger is bizzare yet delicious. 

What have you been eating lately? :) Would you be interested in seeing recipes? 

** I purchased all food with my own money!

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