Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Date Night In with Montagne Jeunesse

I don't think I've talked much about my boyfriend or relationships at all, so this one's for all you romantics out there. A little background... I've know him for 7 years. We've been dating for about three and a half. We both go to the same university and we're in the same program.. and we worked at the same place for our co-op work placements...that's just the way that things ended up happening. 

After a long week of classes, projects, and mid-terms, instead of drinking away our sorrows like most university students, I asked my boyfriend if he'd help me test out a product for zee blog... and he was hesitant, but said yes anyways. 

Some introductions are in order... 

Meet Ambrose. People who have only seen his name usually mistake him for a girl. His favourite shows are How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, and Pokemon and his role model is Robert Irvine (of Restaurant Impossible). Ambrose enjoys working out, ultimate frisbee, and the occasional face mask ;)

Meet the Scrub and Mask.
For Him - Montagne Jeunesse for Men Morning After Scrub 
"We can't promise to keep you clean after a night out but with Natural Charcoal this scrub draws out dirt and grime to revitalize and sort out your skin. Well, it's a start. "

For Her - Montagne Jeunesse Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Spa*
"Breathe life back into skin with intensely invigorating & revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. We've harvested the ocean's nutrient rich seaweed & kelp right from the source - A satisfying boost for thirsty skin & then some!"

Montagne Jeunesse products can be found at select drugstores, Walmart, and Farleyco.ca

I kind of knew what to expect because I'd tried another mask previously, but Ambrose has no experience whatsoever with skincare. Also, he noted that he would  not likely buy a face scrub such as the Morning After Scrub on his own but he would be inclined to use it if I bought it for him. 

Both products come with detailed information and instructions on the back. I love the fact that Montagne Jeunesse uses natural ingredients and also warns users that natural ingredients can cause sensitivity too! I have sensitive skin (Ambrose has ... man skin), and neither Ambrose nor myself had sensitivity issues with the products. 

The Montagne Jeunesse Morning After Scrub was actually used in the evening, but that's besides the point. It's a muddy texture with tons of gritty pieces of charcoal suspended in it. 

excited to test out products! 

a trendy hairstyle

As per the instructions, we "chilled" for 15 minutes. Instead of showering the product off, Ambrose wiped it off with a hot cloth. It seems like he didn't have much to say, so I gathered a couple comments he made in the entirety of the process: 

"Feels like 1,000 balls rubbing against my face.. and not in a good way" (before)
"I'm Voldemort"
"Feels nice"  (after)

In general, the scrub tightened as it dried and Ambrose was annoyed yet slightly amused by the fact that the scrub restricted his face movements. The scrub was a bit messy (he got it in his hair), but that would be understandable if he actually used it in the shower. In the end, it did make his skin smoother (I checked). 

the no makeup whatsoever face

Ambrose said that  I look like a "Luchador" 

As for me, I enjoyed the Dead Sea Mud Spa. My experience was equally as messy, as I got a ton of the "mud" in my hair. I will later be discussing my experience about this mask in full on the blushpretty.com blog, so be sure to watch out for that! :)

And finally....

This is what we did during our 15 minute "chill/relax" time as indicated on the packaging. We had nothing better to do other than pretend we were wrestlers in masks....

Ambrose and I don't need much to keep ourselves entertained, just each other I guess :) 
I think Montagne Jeunesse facial products are a great idea for a relaxing night in with your friends or your significant other! I'd highly suggest that you try it out sometime! 

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse? Would your significant other agree to doing facemasks with you? 

Products received for consideration are denoted with an asterisk (*).

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