Sunday, May 12, 2013

FOOD: Mother's Day Brunch - Gallery Grill @ Hart House

Happy Mother's Day! Here's to all you mothers out there :) 

My brother, Dad and I took my Mom to a pre-celebration a couple weeks ago. 

We went to the Gallery Grill. Fabulous and delicious food in the perfect, serene setting of Hart House at University of Toronto. 

My typical Sunday consists of a homemade Sunday Brunch with savoury green onion waffles, poached eggs, smoked salmon, some random fruit and veg smoothie, and then a long afternoon slumber. Since I'm leaving for school in a week, my family and I decided to mix it up and go out for brunch instead. However, we wanted something a little more innovative than the typical brunch and opted for Gallery Grill at Hart House at the University of Toronto St. George Campus. 

They change the menu often in order to accommodate local produce and organic goods as well as naturally-raised foods, so I didn't really know what to expect going in.  

The Atmosphere. Hart House is a huge castle-esqe building. If you're familiar with Hogwarts, then this is what you might expect. We were seated on the second floor balcony looking over a large hall (kind of like the Hogwarts Great Hall). The photo (above) is the view from our seat. The tall glass windows were a nice touch. The restaurant reminded me a lot of Cafe Alcazar in St. Augustine, Florida, which is also located inside a historical building of similar architecture.

House-made Cheddar Drop Biscuits with Chive Butter || $3.95

Usually when I think of biscuits, I think of Popeye's. These biscuits reminded me a lot of Popeyes except they were 10x fluffier, 10x more buttery, and topped with a subtle amount of crisp cheese. They came slightly warm, seemingly right out of the oven. Not to mention, Popeye's doesn't have any whipped chive butter on the side.  Everywhere I looked (at other people's tables), I saw these cheddar drop biscuits. It's pretty obvious they're a popular favourite. I would probably go to Gallery Grill just for the biscuits.

bread || with meal 

The olive bread and wheat bread with olive oil were lacklustre compared to the biscuits. 

Grilled Beef Cheek with Mushroom Oats and  Pecan BBQ sauce || $17.95

Beef cheek is one of the most tender pieces of meat and Gallery Grill has paired it beautifully with a lightly dressed salad to cut the fattiness. The mushroom oats add a different dimension of texture. 

Roasted Pickerel with Pomelo Salad, Quinoa and Scallion Drizzle || $18.95

The two parts (salad and fish) tasted delicious together. However, after finishing the fish, the salad was way too acidic on its own. 

Okonomiyaki Pancake with Fried Egg, Nori, Japanese Mayo, and Okonomi Sauce || $15.95

This is what I ordered. I've had okonomiyaki at TNT and there's always hesitation to order Asian cuisine at a non-Asian restaurant, but this dish was delightful. Okonomiyaki is a cabbage + flour pancake and Gallery Grill topped it with an egg to make it more breakfast-like. If there's two things I love it's eggs cooked over-easy and cabbage (separately). The odd pairing of the two was something I had never thought (or dreamed) of. 

Warm Balsamic Apple Tart with Pistachio Gelato || $7.95

You can never go wrong with cooked apples and ice cream. There was no "tart" in this dessert, but I was expecting something doughy or flaky. After eating the dessert I found the "dough" was unnecessary, as the pistachio ice cream and cinnamon and sugar laced apples held their own.

This was no ordinary brunch. It was unique, delicious, and felt a lot like dinner rather than breakfast or lunch. Instead of my post-brunch nap, I took a stroll around the scenic U of T campus.

What are your Sunday rituals?

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  1. yummmmm!
    its 11pm here in aus.. and im totally hungry after looking at your photos!
    happy mothers day :D
    xo; L&M
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  2. Looks lovely! New follower :)
    .Georgina Clare.

  3. Everything looks very yummy! Brunch is a good idea

  4. Happy mother's day! WOW the food looks fantastic!

  5. I want to eat everything! It looks soo good!

  6. This food looks amazing, great pictures x

  7. OMG, it looks delicious!! Your pictures are amazing as well :) xx

  8. Hi Steph, your brunch looks delicious! As well as mothers day today is international M.E awareness day, I have a post up trying to raise awareness of such a devastating illness that I unfortunately suffer with. I'm asking you blogger to blogger, woman to woman, to take a few minutes to have a read and help me raise awareness, I would really appreciate it!
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  9. Delicious. I'd eat the cheddar biscuits all night. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I've followed you through Bloglovin - and I WILL come by again :O)

    Have a wonderful day!

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  10. This looks fantastic! I hope you had a lovely day with your mom & family!

  11. that looks delish! i've always wanted to visit canada--particularly toronto.

  12. Is there anyone not familiar with Hogwarts? Definitely not an ordinary brunch it seems to me.

  13. Thanks for following me steph, i'd like to try The Okonomiyaki. Looks Yummy..

  14. God, that looks like paradise xxx

  15. Is beef cheek what it sounds like? The cheek of a beef? Er.. Cow?

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