Saturday, March 30, 2013

FOOD: 19th Birthday Celebrations

First off... thank you so much for 800! :D It was a wonderful little post-birthday treat. Thank you for your continued support, wouldn't have done it without you! 

As I may have noted in a previous post, my birthday was last Thursday and the first day of spring. Spring my butt, it was freezing cold. Anyways, the day before that, my parents bought me a nice Dufflet cake (see Dufflet (aka Queen of Cakes) is one of the most renown bakeries in Toronto and came a ways before the whole "cupcake/donut/bacon" food craze. 

I opted for a "cakelet", a mini cake, in the flavour "Lemon Raspberry" 

The website describes it as.... 

"Layers of classic white sponge cake filled with tangy, lemon buttercream and tart raspberry purée."

I also forced my Mom to put 19 candles in it. Because who wants only 1 candle for their 19th birthday. Go big or go home, that's what I say. (not really...)

I'm not going to go into details, but it was delicious and the absolute perfect size for 4 people. 

Other than the cake, I had a pretty odd birthday. I like to keep my b-day on the down low, so I didn't tell anybody at work. Then one of my co-workers came to my desk to chat and asked some random questions and somehow it came up that it was my birthday...oops. My parents picked me up from work at 6:30pm and I went home to eat I ate BBQ Jerk Ribs and Curry Chicken for dinner (apologies for the lack of photo). Around 8:45pm one of my co-workers picked me up for a round of ultimate frisbee at Varsity Stadium at University of Toronto. Afterwards, we went out for my first (legal) drink at the Duke of York (along with two huge plates of nachos and wings). Not to generalize, but I'm Asian and super tiny so I can barely finish a single glass. I got home at 1:30am and had to wake up at 6:30am the next morning for work, and surprisingly got there on time! 

I went out for dinner  Sunday at a restaurant called Cava ( which is tapas (photos to come)! yay! A very enjoyable 4 days of birthday :D

One more year till I'm 20! 

When's your birthday? How do you usually celebrate? 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretty and Pink - NOTD

Quick post! Lately, the wet weather's been bringing my mood a bit downhill. There's no better pick-me-up than a mani with a little pink and sparkles (and a cup of tea). 

I'm wearing Glitzology Guardian Angel on top of Pop Beauty Pink Wink. I also sealed it all in with Revlon No Chip Top Coat.

What's your favourite rainy day pick-me-up? 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sparkle and Shine - Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Lip Gloss

If you want your lips to look like a party, this is what you wear. 

 things this gloss reminds me of
(1) Unicorns, Carebares, and the Boardgame "Candyland" 
(3)The song Lipgloss by Lil Mama ... "my lipgloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cooool"...

.. yeah it's just that kind of gloss...if you know what I mean. 

Tarina Tarantino isn't  a brand I see reviewed often. I'd describe it as funky cute. The products always have some crazy colours... and at the same time those colours are paired with adorably cute packaging. 

So I picked up this the Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Lip Gloss in the colour Parade from the "Craigslist" type Facebook thing of my school a year or so back. It was $4. It used to be sold on the Sephora website for $11, but I don't think it's available there anymore. I found it on the Tarina Tarantino Website for $14.

It is exactly what it looks like in the tube. Glitter for your lips

The gloss itself is either clear or a very sheer pink and the glitter is fuchsia. 

It's a very specific sort of glitter. Chunky, but not so chunky that it feels gritty. The gloss is slightly sticky, but bearable. One of the downsides of this gloss is the removal. You've got to wipe with precision to prevent your face from looking like a fuchsia disco ball. 

I love how glittery and pretty this lip gloss is. But I find it so hard to fit into what I'd wear for every day. Even trying to dab it in the centre of your lips for extra dimension just looks kind of odd, like a blob of glitter just chilling in the middle of your lip. Any ways, I've reserved this gloss for night time/going out. 

It's incredibly gorgeous, girly, and fun. But it's not one of those all-purpose products that I would use all day every day. 

What are your thoughts on glittered-out lip gloss? Would you wear something like this on the daily? Any suggestions on how to make it work for daytime? 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Swap from Cindy's Love of Books

The internet is a funny thing. Who knew interacting with total strangers could be so much fun? I recently joined a Canadian swap group for girls to create monthly boxes for each other. In the group we set a price (ours was $15, but I'm sure we both went over budget) and write wishlists and likes/dislikes which gives partners a feel for what they should purchase for you (while still keeping it a surprise). I was happy to be paired with another blogger, Cindy of Cindy's Love of Books. You can check out what I sent her HERE and HERE.

This month's theme was Easter and Cindy wrapped up everything so beautifully with little notes on each product and reused an old Glossybox. 

As soon as I saw the package in the mail, I ran inside to tear everything open. It was hard to contain my excitement and take the photo with all the packaging. 

Here are the products. I've marked everything that was on my wishlist with a (W), although I am really really really happy with everything I received.

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie (W) I was really hesitant to buy this myself, as it's a super hyped up product. I did use this already and I'd say it's worth all the hype it gets.

Maybelline Colour Whisper in Some Like it Taupe (W) Another one of those sheer lip colours, I haven't tried this out fully. Although this isn't a colour I'd pick for myself, the formula seems nice and extremely comparable to the Revlon Lip Butter. 

NYC Apple Licious Glossy Balm An extra in my swap box, this is a new NYC product and a cute little add-in. 

NYX Liquid Black Liner (W) I just ran out of my Physicians Formula Liner, so this came right on time. It's SOOO black and intense... I guess I'm so surprised because I usually use a dark brown liner. 

NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic (W) Another hyped up product, I'd likely have bought it myself if it wasn't in the box! It's still all sealed up until I finish my Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush.

Bioderma (W) Haven't tried this out yet, but I couldn't find it in my Shoppers Drug Mart. I'll be attempting to try it out in the very very near future, as I don't have a solid makeup removal routine. 

Jeunesse Masks in Aloe Vera and Dead Sea Minerals I already tested out the Aloe Vera mask. My dad saw me and said "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?"... But it was very refreshing. :P 

NYX Polish in Graffiti Who can say no to another polish? I certainly can't. It's an orangey glitter with some nice blue speckles. Wonderful! 

A TON of Easter Chocolates (W) which already magically disappeared into the deep dark hole I call my stomach. 

This was my first swap, and I think it was super successful. It was like a beauty subscription box but  EXACTLY what I wanted plus a whole bunch of extras (that were yummy!) Plus, I loved pickng out items from Cindy's wishlist. Thanks for everything Cindy :D

Have you ever participated in a swap? Do you want to?  ;) Have you tried any of these products? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

REVIEW: Stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette

Picked up this gem (Stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette) from ASOS for $24.99 (free shipping!).The Stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette comes with 9 shadows (3 matte, 6 shimmers) and a full size Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner. If you divide it all up, this is an excellent deal. Everything is about $2 each. I've never tried anything Stila (other than swatching stuff at Sephora), nor have I ever owned a "high end" palette", so this was a little treat. 

Packaging. General cardboard blah palette, but I really like the glittery packaging. An added bonus, the glitters on the packaging don't fall off all over the place in a glittery mess, they're kind of "sewn" into the cardboard. 

bubble bath. A matte peachy nude. It's pretty much the same colour as my skin, it's a little chalky but it works well as a nice blending base for the other colours. 

pink diamond. An ultra-shimmery pink. It's fairly sheer and if you want to see the pigment of the shadow you'll need to put something underneath. It reminds me of one of the shadows in the Revlon Primer+Shadow in Metropolitan, with pretty similar pigmentation and texture. 

cashmere. A rich mid-toned brown with a satin finish. It's quite buttery and pigmented. A neutral I would definitely wear. 

silk. A warm matte brown. It makes my eyes look a bit reddish. 

marilyn. A satin finish fuchsia. I have yet to try this on my eyes. It's pretty but I'm not sure of how wearable this will be. I'll try to make it work. 

crushed velvet. A deep deep brown. The shimmer isn't really visible when you wear it on the eye. 

bon bon. A matte mid-toned brown. It's less chalky than bubble bath and less red than silk. Perfect for a neutral crease colour. 

bordeaux. A shimmery burgundy. I think that Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk is an exact dupe in cream form. 

♥ of the ocean.  A rich navy blue with dark blue shimmer. This looks awesome under the eye for a subtle pop of colour. 

My favourites are bon bon, cashmere, and ♥ of the ocean. 

 I wanted to show what these looked like semi-blended out on my arm and in the sunlight. So here are some extra swatches: 

1 bubble bath // 2 silk // 3 bon bon // 4 pink diamond // 5 marilyn // 6 bordeaux

1 pink diamond // 2 marilyn // 3 bordeaux //  4 cashmere // 5 crushed velvet // 6 ♥ of the ocean

Last but not least, the smudge stick in Ladyfish. It's an aubergine (dark purple) with fuchsia shimmer.  I find that this isn't totally waterproof. If I don't set it with powder, near the end of the day it'll start wearing on to my lower lash line. 

Overall, I like this palette. I think it's great for someone who doesn't have a lot of shadows and is just starting to build their collection. The Luxe palette offers three matte shades (neutrals) as well as some  unique colours to fool around with as well. The palette also came with a demo card, and hopefully I'll be attempting to recreate the looks there and posting to see if they're actually looks I would wear (: 

Do you recommend any Stila products? Are you a fan of Stila palettes/shadows? 

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Co-Hosting the Bright Side Beauty Blog Hop!

Meet Me on the Brightside
Happy Friday Bloggers! The weekend is just about here! Come link up to the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to gain new followers and find amazing new reads. Linky list will be open now until this Monday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines , so read, follow, and let the fun begin. Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways :) The blog this weekend with the most views will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on :)
This week's co-host is....

Fun Size Beauty (Me!)

Hop Guidelines
On FB, or GFC, and be sure to leave us a comment so we can follow back!

2. Add your Beauty, Fashion, Style Blog, Blog Post, or FB page link to the linky list below, before list closing on Sunday evening, Ohio time.

3. Visit other blogs on the list, follow at least two other blogs you like, and be sure to leave them a comment so they know to follow back. Please be kind enough to follow back as well.

4. Not mandatory, but if you grab the button and place it in your side bar or somewhere on your blog, tweet, or post about the hop, you can help to increase your co-hosting chances.
Again, the blog that has the most views this week will be my co-host next weekend so make sure to network!

:) xx 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A little vintage Giveaway ft. Peach Tree Designs

Another fun jewellery giveaway brought to you by Peach Tree Designs. A shop with a little bit of everything. Vintage, upcycled, and custom jewellery. I can assure you there is something for everybody. 

Here are a few of my favourites from the shop: 

Today, Peach Tree Designs is giving away this Simple Chevron Necklace

In my eyes, simplicity is beauty and this simple necklace would work well to spruce up a white t-shirt or would add a little bling to an evening dress. It's elegant, yet effortless. 

This giveaway will be opened for 1 month and is for USA and Canadian mailing addresses only. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's still cold INTERVIEW and GIVEAWAY ft. GingerKnitz

Does the weather make you angry too? Spring begins on Thursday. March 21 (my bday!) Last week, it was 10C+ for a day and I loved it. The warm weather, no jacket, birds chirping, snow melting. Then Mr. Weatherman changed his mind and decided to make it cold and snowy all over again. I WANT SPRING! Can you tell? Unfortunately, we can't all get what we want. So, I'd like to introduce you to someone who can help keep you warm, despite all the spring chills. 

Introducing Sophie of GingerKnitz. I asked her a few introductory questions, so that you could get a feel for her style and her store (: ... Enjoy! 

How did you get started with Etsy? Tell us about a little about your store. 
I got the idea to open up my own shop during my freshmen year at UT Austin. I was studying studio art, but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life. I discovered Etsy very, very late on night and was inspired by all the amazing things I saw. I didn't actually open shop for another year and didn't put in much effort until about a year after that. I am constantly learning and trying to grow and I know I still have a long way to go. My shop is full of knit hats and crochet jewelry. I try to make pieces that fit with a variety of lifestyles and are easy to wear. My personal style is really relaxed and easy going. I like to wear things that are fairly simple, but still stylish. I try to keep that in mind when I am creating for other people.

Oh, and the name was inspired by my hair.

Did knitting start out as a hobby for you? 
Knitting has always been a part of my life. My mom and grandma both knit; my grandma even worked at a yarn store. I went to knitting class there when I was about 8. I knit on occasion for the next long while, but I didn’t get passionate about it until college. I learned very basic crochet when I was maybe 13. I never got much farther than a really long chain, though. I re-taught myself crochet a few years ago, and really fell in love with it. I still struggle with deciding what I want to end up doing, but for now, I am going to do what I know I love.

What would you say is the difference between buying from the Mall and buying off Etsy? 
Stuff from the mall can be amazingly beautiful. I love going shopping and getting inspired by all of the knit and crochet pieces out there. The thing about buying a hand-knit or crocheted item is the passion you know was put into it. The people who sell their handmade goods love what they do and care about each and every piece and where it goes. They aren’t just trying to make a living for themselves; they are trying to share their love and joy with others.

What are three of your favourite shops on Etsy? 
I love ylleanna.  Anna Nuvoioni creates these amazingly beautiful pieces that are not the typical knit or crocheted accessory. Okapiknits is another shop that I follow. They have some very intricate looking designs and some of their tops are absolutely fabulous! A shop I recently discovered is The Anatolian. They sell beautiful handmade Turkish towels. I am patiently waiting for the day I get to buy one. In every color available.

Favourite colour? Favourite food? Favourite fashion trend?
I can never pick just one color. Anything that reminds me of a peacock instantly becomes a favorite. Teal, purple, blue and green are go to colors for me. My favorite food is Tex Mex. I love sour cream chicken enchiladas. And a margarita. As for fashion trends, I am big into awesome blazers and fabulous boots. And giant purses. Little tiny clutches make me sad.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Gotta Catch'em All... POKEMON POLISH?!?!

Pokemon. A past favourite TV show, video game, card game. Would it be weird for me to say Pokemon is timeless? I played pokemon and even 10 years later, kids are still playing pokemon today. It's kind of funny, because even now, my boyfriend and brother BOTH still play pokemon... they still haven't grown up yet :P 

I don't play pokemon, but I do like nail polish. Combine a past love with a new one and you get ... POKEMON POLISH. I mentioned Indie Polish in my last NOTD, and this is another one of the polishes in her line. The pokemon polish collection is designed by her 6 year old son (adorable!) and she was kind enough to send me a a mini sneak peak of "Pink Pig Munna", one of the three in the collection, which is being released today! The other pokemon polishes are called Zubat and  you Pikachu. 


The polish is called "Pink Pig Munna", a pokemon that resembles a teeny little pig and eats dreams. "Munna is constantly floating in the air. When it eats a happy dream, it is known to release a pink smoke."

  The polish is white base with pink round glitters and blue and purple star shaped glitter. I'm wearing it on my accent nail. This polish does need a bit of working with to pull the glitters out of the bottle and get a concentrated amount of them onto the right places on your finger. 

I'm wearing Munna on my accent nail alongside Nailtini Frappe, which is a nice backdrop to let Munna shine. Munna is a great pop quirky and fun. In the future, I think this polish would pair this polish with a pastel purple or blue. 


Did you used to play/watch pokemon? (Or do you still?) What is your favourite "inspired" polish collection? 

**I received this polish for free along with an order that I paid for with my own $$. All opinions are my own and I truly do love Indie Polishes :)**

Sunday, March 17, 2013

FOOD: Lazy Sunday...Devil's Food Cake.

Happy Sunday and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Last weekend I had some family over. My uncle from California was visiting and my cousin from out east in the Ontario countryside (who is awesome at baking and cooking and should be a chef) stayed over for the weekend. I told my cousin to teach me how to make a cake. He said his favourite was Devil's food cake, so that's what we made. 

I usually bake with my Mom and both of us are a by-the-recipe type gals. My cousin is exactly like that BUT he uses weight measurements instead of cups and tablespoons. From scratch, we pretty much made the entire cake with a recipe my cousin could recite off the top of his head and make with his eyes closed. I felt a little bad cause I slowed him down. Despite my lack of experience with professional baking, it was a new experience. Plus I learned what "Mise en Place"'s arranging and organizing all your ingredients before doing any actual baking and cooking. 

Here are a bunch of photos of my cousin spreading the chocolate ganache on the cake... my stomach is growling from writing this post.  

 I know you're wondering, how does it taste? ... A little moist, much heavier than an angel food cake, but not as weighty as a pound cake. Sweet, but bitter like chocolate and the ganache was like a chocolate chip dream. 

All in all, devilishly good. 

Chocolate or Vanilla? What's your favourite dessert? 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

REVIEW: Fashion Revolution Boutique Arm Candy

Four months ago, I started my blog. One of my very first followers was Liz of Fashion Revolution and also the first person to nominate me for the "Liebster Award". I'm still bloggity-blogging and all that jazz... and Liz? She's opened her own online store called FASHION REVOLUTION BOUTIQUE, a cute website with all sorts of trendy pieces -- jewellery, scarves, and hand bags galore. Much thanks to Liz for sending me a few of her pieces (all the way from California) to review. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

5 [sorry for the lack of link! couldn't find this on the website]

I'm not a fan of this set. They're made of plastic and I like the fact that they nearly look like metal, but they were much too large and clunky for my wrists. 

 This little bow is oh-so glamourous and cute. Need I say more? 

Cross Bracelets are incredibly on-trend. I found this piece to have a chain that is extraordinarily long, but nothing that can't be fixed by wrapping it around my wrist twice. 

Don't know what to call this but the black chain reminds me a bit of a snake. 

Who knew studded and dainty could ever be in the same sentence?  This was my favourite piece of the bunch. It's super tiny, and cute. and edgy, yet subtle. 

OVERALL: These are affordable, trendy pieces. The website has a range of items that will suit all sorts of style aesthetics. Other than the plastic bracelet set, I really really liked the way the bracelets looked, especially paired together (see above)... slightly dark and slightly dainty. Enough jewellery talk though, the Scarves section of the website is calling my name!


What do you think of Fashion Revolution Boutique? What's your favourite jewellery trend? 

**Pieces provided to me by shop owner for review. All opinions are my own.**