Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wet n Wild Eye Shadows - Worth the Hype?

I'm pretty sure every blog post I've read and every youtube video I've watched about Wet N Wild eye shadows have something either good or great to say about them-- especially the palettes "Comfort Zone" and "Walking on Eggshells".  

I bought Comfort Zone for $3.99 at Zehrs and Walking on Eggshells for $2.34 at Wal-Mart. The shadows are extremely inexpensive, even compared to their drugstore counterparts. A four colour palette from Revlon can be up to $12.99. So getting 8 shadows for $3.99 is a real steal! 

Both palettes come with a sponge tip and brush applicator, but I'll ignore those in my assessment of the product (: 

Walking on Eggshells
Colours descriptions: 

Browbone  - a frosty white
Crease - a slightly bronze brown
Eyelid - a shimmery pink

Walking on Eggshells Swatches

The stand-out of "Walking on Eggshells" is definitely the pink eyelid colour. It is the most buttery and smooth. My least favourite is the browbone colour. It is stark white and has no yellow or pink tinge so it looks a bit odd on the eyes. 

Comfort Zone

Colour descriptions:
Browbone left - a yellowy highlight
Browbone right - a sheer warm brown
Eyelid left - a red bronze brown
Eyelid right - army green with gold-yellow shimmer
Crease left - chocolate brown
Crease right - black with gold shimmer
Definer left - dark brown with red shimmer
Definer right - red brown with blue-green shimmer

Comfort Zone Swatches

My favourites are the definer (red with blue-green shimmer) and the eyelid colour (red bronze brown). The palette would be great for any beginner as it includes every day neutrals, along with some weird colours like the army green and the blue/green/red/brown. However, I did have the same issue of sheerness with the browbone colours as I did with "Walking on Eggshells". 

The Verdict: They're worth more than their price. Some are beautiful, others I will likely never wear. Like most drugstore shadows, the colours are very shimmery. Too bad I can't find the all matte palette anywhere in Canada. 

What's your favourite bargain eyeshadow brand? 

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Review: EcoTools 6-piece Brush Set

    This is my first brush set. I've always liked using my fingers, but one day I woke up and felt like it was time to try something new. After a couple months, the new-to-brushes experience has been a nice addition to my daily routine. I would definitely recommend this set for brush-noobs!

    For me, the biggest selling point on the brushes was the fact that the brand is eco-conscious and the brushes are cruelty free. I was debating between purchasing this set or the "Touch Up Set". I chose to buy mine at Wal-Mart for around $17 (tax included). Of course, in Canada prices are significantly higher. You can also buy the set on the Ecotools Website (USA only), AmazonPhoenix Beauty Lounge, and Rexall.

    When they say "6-piece brush set", they mean 5 brushes and an oddly designed bag. This set includes a blush brush, eye brush, angled eyeliner brush, concealer brush, lash & brow groomer brush and a cotton case.

    The blush brush is like a fluffy dream, if marshmallows were made out of brushes. I use it for mineral foundation, though I'm pretty sure it's for blush and it gives me a light-medium coverage. I have tried it with blush, but I don't wear blush often.

    The eye brush (flat shader brush) is a little big for my smaller lids, but it applies powder eyeshadow nicely. Similar to the blush brush, the bristles are nice and soft!

    The angled eyeliner brush is a little scratchy. I prefer to use this brush for filling in my eyebrows.

    The concealer brush is nice but it doesn't quite warm up product like my fingers. I use this brush for cream shadows and it works just fine.

    The lash and brow groomer is nothing special. I find that cutting the brushes off finished mascaras are more effective. Also, the plastic part of the groomer is hard to clean, which scares me a little.

    Finally, the hemp bag mediocre and has the oddest design. Half the bag holds the brushes with an elastic strip. The other half of the bag is the actual "bag". However, the part underneath the brush holder is not accessible and a bit of a waste of material.

    The Verdict: As a beginner, I think the set could use a fluffy blending brush (I'd prefer that over the bag any day!). Overall, aside from the silly bag, the brushes are eco-friendly, fluffy, and functional. In the future, I'd like to try the bronzer brush and maybe the travel eye-brush set!

    What's your favourite bargain brush set?